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Many of these items will be about sexual indiscretions become public, and reflective of how sexual obsessions can lead to all kinds of public outings.  

Let's start just with May 15, 2010, the day I'm doing these new posts.  The Washington Post -
www.washingtonpost.com -- on the front page of the Style Section, had this headline: "Little 'Ladies' online pose a lot of questions" by Sarah Kaufman. The article refers to a viral video (aren't they all) of 7 year olds in a dance class aping Beyonce's "Single Ladies". Kaufman reports that "This remake follows a rubric of raunchy moves straight out of the pole-dance manual", p. C-1.  Read it for yourself to believe it!  

Last week: This is out of the on-going "Conservatives Caught With Their Pants Down" file and the schadenfreude to be savored as a result.  George Reker, cofounder of the Family Research Council and of a "curing homosexuality" group, was found to be traveling in Europe with a 20 year old he had "hired" (procured?) from an online male "services" site. 

Several Links: City Paper for May 14, the "Savage Love" column by Dan Savage (best sex advice going, tho often overly graphic, available in widely distributed form - end  of commercial!) skewers the hypocrisy.  John Stewart does the same on "The Daily Show" -
www.dailyshow.com -- for May 5 and May 6. You can Google Reker's name for mainstream media reports as well.  

Lest you think men have all the "fun", I clipped an article from the Post from January 15, 2010. By Ruth Marcus on the op-ed page, it's titled, "Gender aside, same old story".  It's about Iris Robinson(!). a 60 year old member of Parliament and wife of Northern Ireland's First Minister and head of a socially conservative party, who had an affair with a teenage boy.  Worth the trip to

Another Post link to follow, this about on-line pornography in the workplace,  is a series of articles by Kimberly Kindy about John Latschar, Superintendent of Gettysburg National Military Park.  (You can type either or both names into the Post's search engine.) It seems investigators turned up many thousands of porn images on his work computer, an obvious violation or Federal workplace rules.  He has been temporarily reassigned to "an unspecified desk job in the National Parks Service".